Beat the bookies 2019


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I can't pick my nose at. The minute never mind a Winner mate. Deliberately not picking as don't have any confidence

you confidence will be sky high when bets start winning mate.

we need to back the bets or nothing gonna happen.

stuart can only go on majority vote (y) (y)


It’s A Boy
we would of been nearly 20k up on in play bets ....

stuart needs majority votes.
which means we all need to be involved (y)


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gang what's going on ??


need more involvement

I put 3 in play bets yesterday up where we would of won over 7 and a half grand on £60.

lurpak put up wolves to bet city the other week

stuart cant put on bets without most lads backing....
its everyone's money.
There has to be an agreement on bets, if you post a bet and a few members quote it saying get it on it goes on. Loads of random bets posted with no one commenting doesn’t help nobody.


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I don't get all. Notifications about the thread either haven't even seen the majority of these bets


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