Beat the bookies 2019


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Is that the bet?


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not putting any forward till luck turns.2 4 folds today. On prem.

first one. Wolves win.

Other bet. Btts all 4 games.

so far Newcastle 1-0 lol
Btts has let us down consistently but still folk want it on, I don’t understand it


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It seems to come in alot on lower leagues. Until i bet on it.

My 4 fold is just wins all favs n already off on first game
It comes in a lot but never when we bet on it. When this gets beat algee will say ok We won’t do it again then he’ll wait a while till everything dies down then start throwing them in again lol every time


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If we had put my bet on Arsenal would have done us in as well Not Celtic & Rangers like our illustrious leader said :endesacuerdo: :risas:

both to score are a decent bet with decent returns

just choosing the right ones lol


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theres loads of home wins tonight ....
dont know who to choose

cup game wont field best teams.....

well united dont have a best team :llorando:
but hit a bit of form.
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