Apprentice yes or no?!

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I've got s steady flow of work and have been thinking about taking on an apprentice to make my day easier and to train up to work together thoughts please?!!


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What if its female, gorgeous, really wants to learn;) and makes good coffee?

I was an apprentice something once. I have to admit my work was excellent and I prided myself that I was as good as any of the blokes and proved it. But I wouldnt have wished me on anyone. Always late. Stubborn. etc etc etc etc.
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All depends on if you can fined a good one... I've had afew that are now full time spreads.. But ive had many of bad ones...... My current waste of space has let me down 6 times in the last 3 months..... Messaged last night to say he feels iffy and won't be in today....... Most people would see how they feel in a morning but lazy arse doesn't want to waste a lie in.......


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From what I remember I was all excited to leave school and start an apprenticeship, but after 6 months or so it dawned on me that it aint what you thought. So you lose interest and the problems start. Think it was the same for everyone. Low wages, moaning oldies, hang overs, being given shity jobs and seeing your mates do other jobs and getting good money.

I suppose the money is a big incentive if you get a good lad and you can pay him something decent. It's a very big 'IF'.


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Tbf I said no but probably was a bit of a negative mood statement,
I’m looking into starting full teaching training qualification now and have faith in youth


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Give it a go and sack them off if they’re s**t. Seems there’s more bad than good but you might get lucky! .... like the builders that took me on! :numberone: