Anyone dye there primer

Mix powder paint into pva wet coat , not in second coat
Have you tried food colouring, or paint or anything else ?
Want to really brighten up my pva


Not so much for yourself but if someone else does it.

Mates lab only did half a room once and f**k*d him right up.

NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU DO THAT TO ME shouted mate and put food dye in the PVA.

Has done from that day to this.
I use red food colouring,,, and paint some of my stuff.
Never seen bleed through one painted or had a customer call about it. Splashes on other surfaces can be issue if you don't wipe immediately.
Unless you paint it how do you get bleed through.
It's not a problem vince I get liquid food colouring out of aldi.


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Because I did it in my front room and the painter phoned me to say it had
I have had a painter who sometimes I tie in with, never ever mentioned it also.
I have painted in excess of 300 jobs and never seen it.
This is why I’m asking it’s a 50/50 split when talk about it , question is how do they colour blue,green,yellow and red grit ?
No I put food colouring in the pva skimmed the lid in my front room came through the paint
I was saying only put dye in first coat PVA , second coat no dye would stop bleed
If the pva was dry when skimmed, it will show through, the pva had hardened when you plastered it. Put it on when tacky,