Advise on repairing old wall before tanking


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Hi, i am in the process of fitting new bathroom (and kitchen) - but discovered some damp, so i've stripped the render off the wall down to brick and treated with Anti Sulphates which really stunk!!...

Now i need to repair the wall and then maybe using the Soverign k11 tanking system as heard good things.

I've attached some pics, as you can see theres a few holes, its c1900 victorian terrace converted around 1980 so guessing i would use some lime / sbr mix and put bricks back into the larger holes etc and then tank on top etc?

Any advise is welcome, trying to take time and do myself to save a bit of £


My project site for more info etc:


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Change the timbers to lintels if possible, infill with similar bricks to the back ground , I'm reluctant to say dub it out with render , I'm thinking get it flat and sealed with the k11 ,then either dab it with insulation plasterboard or limelight it level

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As above. Ya definitely need to sort the timbers. Replace any damaged bricks. Check outside condition too. Make sure nothing is coming through