damp proofer rendering tanking

  1. J

    Tanking / waterproofing method

    Hello, this is my first time posting in this site after using it for information regularly over the past year, so go easy on me. I am renovating a 1930s ex council property in South Wales. It’s built with cavity wall bricks and the walls inside are mainly black mortar, but in good enough...
  2. P

    Damp PROBLEM in bay window and surrounding area

    I have a damp problem on and around the bay window at the front of my house. I've had a damp survey done which has flagged high exterior ground levels - which I'm getting reduced - I'm also going to install three new air vents as all have been concreted closed. I've removed all of the interior...
  3. G

    Dot and Dab vs Sand and Cement

    Have a 1930's solid brick concrete floor terrace and have taken the ceilings down and walls back to brick. The wall is a flemish bond solid wall, really dusty and a draft can be felt through some of the gaps in the mortar. Having read up a bit I wanted to sand and cement with a good glug of...
  4. koshiuk

    Advise on repairing old wall before tanking

    Hi, i am in the process of fitting new bathroom (and kitchen) - but discovered some damp, so i've stripped the render off the wall down to brick and treated with Anti Sulphates which really stunk!!... Now i need to repair the wall and then maybe using the Soverign k11 tanking system as heard...
  5. RETEP

    Do I need to Key the surface of Vandex for plastering

    Simple question I think. Apparently you can plaster straight onto Vandex. Now, I'm prepping the wall and applying the vandex myself and intend on getting in a plasterer to finish. The trouble is, I don't have a plasterer yet to ask the question: Do I need to leave a keyed surface for them to...
  6. D


    We are a busy damp firm looking for a good reliable spread who can render & skim , idealy you will be experienced in tanking and boarding work, based in or around the bromley /kent/ south east london area and be good with skirt boards, sockets,radiators (taking off and putting back on) ect or at...