28" plazzie


anyone got one of these and if so what you make of um? seen a couple of lads using the big refina ones on site and they look the s**t!
agree with spunky i have a 20 and 16 and always use 16 for last trowel. 20 too large for correct contact if wall/ceiling not 100% flat. good for a fisrt flatten tho
28 is ok for finishing large areas great for boardwork ceiling. still i put on and press in with a 20" stainless and only use the plastic after sponging.
i bet yours is covered in shite like the rest of your tools tiny tears:flapper:
I use a 14 not sure if you'd get misses with the big ones there a bit too flexible

I picked up one of the Refina 14in jobs last week and used it for the first time today. In IMHO they are to flexible to flatten **** all in, and when I put a steel trowel straight over the area that I'd just used the plastic on the shape wasn't great. However I was using the new Thistle Spray Finish and the plastic certainly does trowel it up nicely late on in the set and as there is so little friction, I could see me using a larger one without it putting to much strain on my already aching arms.
Andy we have been using the spray finish for a couple of weeks and as you say you can not use just a plastic, we have be flattening with the 32" and 40" s*p*r*lex spatulars then using the 24" plastics. We do 2 passes with the plastics and then leave it for a while and use the spatulars to give it a final once over to give it a nice finish but not to shiny.

Have you found steel tears it?

Its taken till now too get to the point where i can say it is as good if not better then multi in a real world situation. The genny is here tomorrow so from now on will be spraying it and that should make it even nicer.

Pitty we have no skimming next week and just rendering. But should be going up to the Canadian Embassy in london soon for a couple of thousand meters so will get a good idea then :)
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Hi Steve, the steel didn't actually tear it today but it really seemed to bite and was hard work pushing the trowel over it, I could easily see it tearing it at another time. I found it worked well just flattening and first trowelling with my 11in stainless and the final one with the plastic, that sure does glide over it easier than the stainless.
Get some s*p*r*lex spatulars, trust me you will think they are the dogs and look at the little 11" trowel like a toy
How do you get nice neat edges with the big spats Steve, do you go around them with a trowel first? Are you using them on the poles for the ceilings?
yep using on a pole for celings, we use them to just flatten of the finish straight away then plastics till the final trowel.

They get the surface super flat so all the plastics have to do is smooth. We are putting on whole rooms so corners are twitched.

We still havent used the ritmo yet but i would say your going to need to use spatulars to flatten out the texture the spraying leaves behind. We got ours alot cheap from a website which is a middle man and gets them sent direct from refina :)

Oh and the guy from liverpool does nice plastic corner trowels :)
Dont know have not tried, just get one from handtoolxpress if u buy the mini trowel and the blades seperate they work out the same as one from refina

eg i got a minitrowel and a 14" and 24" blade for the price refina want for just one
one disadvantage of the plastic trowels is they scratch easily (even with a water brush) and with that scratch up your finish...unless there is a way of getting the scratches out??
might be missing something here, how would you approach it differently with board finish and spray finish?
board is the same process as multi for us, but with spray we dont put a normal trowel anywhere near it
Ok so put it another way why wouldn't you use a plastic trowel on the early stages of troweling multi?
wen i have used plazzy from start or too soon to flatten/trowel i have had waves in the wall. Lad i know who has been using em for yrs said use them only in final stages of trowelling up.
How do you know you only use it on the final trowel then ?

we got that plastics a few days before we started using the spray. We finished a house with multi then started the next with spray finish by hand.

One that house i had read that the plastic was for final trowels so tried it and it finished it slightly earlier. Im just assuming you guys know what your talking about and its not good in early stages

Not had the chance to try it on multi in the early stages yet
Great for last trowel can trowel little early than normally with them but your find you'll be forever getting nicks in the blades so have ur wet and dry out at the ready!!! And I wouldn't trust them for flattening In!!!!May look good and be easy to do so but when it's done and plaster dry get a powerful light and put it done the side of ya wall and than your see ya hidden s**t!!!!!! Everyone got there own opinion . I say stick of to a nice worn in trowel for laying down and get a nice nela or refina to finish with nice solid trowel well worth the money!