23 Year Old, Leeds Lad


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Looking for the opportunity to be taken on as a labourer/trainee/apprentice in Leeds. Not shy of hard graft and pick things up fairly well, experience lies within roofing and plant mechanics where in both I started in a labouring role.

I aren't proud, I know what labouring entails, just looking for a chance to learn a new trade with preferably an older spreader 1 on 1 and extend my skill set.

Cheers Lads.
Best of luck mate. Few lads on here from round your way. Anyways are you a tits or arse man?? :birra:
Just gone back into servicing pal, got a job offer over the Xmas period like. I'll keep everyone updated once the contract ends like, any offers are still appreciated like. Cheers.
Bumping this thread, contract is coming to an end within the next few months.

Two changes since I first posted, got my drivers license and turned 24 (not that it makes much of a difference unless getting a 'proper' apprenticeship)
With your mechanical background getting into machine plastering and rendering will be of benefit.

Doing machine plastering is one thing but having someone who can understand how a machine works is very valuable.
Shame he's not closer to high Wycombe, ces hire looking for a fitter I think

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Thanks for the input Rigsby, very much appreciated pal. I'd certainly be interested in that side of the trade, means I'd be slightly more useful than a 16stone lump just labouring. But as I said I aren't proud don't mind hard graft either way.

Zolco, unfortunately that's way out of my area dont mind travelling within a good radius though! Plant is something I want to get out of if I'm been honest. But thanks anyways.