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  1. J

    Looking for work, plasterers labourer Warrington

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. I’m currently studying level 1 plastering in the evenings, with a view to start my level 2 in September. I’m looking for work as a Plasterer’s labourer / trainee in the Warrington area. I have a drivers licence, and I’m a hard worker. Any work would be a big...
  2. Crafty Chic

    Apprentice Adult Plasterer

    Hi. 39 Years Young Adult Female Apprentice, from Manchester seeking to change current role, keen interest in the Construction, Building Industry would like to work alongside someone unbiased, honest, reliable & could do with help to lighten their work, who's willing to take me under their wings...
  3. A

    A new career in Plastering wanted. Kidderminster area

    I am 26 years old, looking to work with a plasterer in the Kidderminster area. I'm willing to travel, I have my own transport. I'm enthusiastic,hard working,reliable and really wanting to learn. I'm looking for someone to teach me the plastering trade. So far I have a credit towards City and...
  4. M

    Hard worker needs teacher

    Hello group, I am looking for some work as a labourer / trainee in plastering in Milton Keynes area.Have some experience , not a lot. If anyone could help me please don't be shy
  5. JohnsonsPlastering

    23 year old from Leicester looking for work!

    Hi everyone! My name is Edward Johnson, I'm 23 and from Narborough, Leicestershire. I have recently just got back into plastering after having a year out to go and work in a factory realized I made a big mistake and want to get back into plastering once again and for good!! So I have my city &...
  6. J

    23 Year Old, Leeds Lad

    Looking for the opportunity to be taken on as a labourer/trainee/apprentice in Leeds. Not shy of hard graft and pick things up fairly well, experience lies within roofing and plant mechanics where in both I started in a labouring role. I aren't proud, I know what labouring entails, just...