2 Stone heavier plus an aching back

They are a great stress reliever lol
I like the odd joint so it's always in the background
Always steered clear of sugar , think that and salt in ready meals and takeaway food is a big health problem in this country
Surprised that we haven't a fat tax cos it's gonna cripple the NHS in the not too distant future
Fat tax is coming mark my words. I'll be single handedly keeping the country afloat.
Your welcome.
Which ligament?
2 Stone heavier plus an aching back
Get that foot raised, above the rest of your entire body - not just up on a poof. Gets the lymph system to drain down through your hip area and avoids calcification build up that way. Move it as much as you can. Fork out £200 on some vibram five fingers and toe socks, they will help to re school your mind into walking properly when it gets better. I bet bof likes this post?
Trust me - I’ve been there massive style with a snapped lisfranc ligament and was 5 years walking like a Twax in pain because no body told me what to do...
is that your pecker?
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I like running in the evenings but I think I am going to have a go at doing it in the mornings and see if that sets me up better for the day
Ive lost 10 pounds o_O . I'm lighter than I was when I was 15. Running 5 times a week in the sun making weight drop off


  • 2 Stone heavier plus an aching back
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