1. S

    Homemade Venetian marble plaster recipe

    Everyone — I’ve been looking around for a recipe on mixing my own Venetian plaster but can’t seem to find a good reference. Does anyone have a recipe for this? I have the following ingredients: - mature lime putty - marble dust - linseed oil I would appreciate if you could help compose the...
  2. Katelynmach

    Plaster fireplace

    I have this faux stone wall behind my wood burning stove. I wanted to add more mortar or plaster in between and over some rocks to give it that overgrouted rustic look Like the photo I attached. I’ve done tons of research, talked to some contractors and still cant figure out what material to...
  3. C

    Please can you help with this....??

    Slightly off topic yet I feel this is so important to so many people who probabily use this forum! Please can everyone sign this petition and share on LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter or any other forums & social media which you all use. In advance, THANK YOU...
  4. T

    Stucco help

    Hi guys , I Just wanted to ask a couple of questions . I usually use waterproofer in my sand and cement mix for the scratch coat and the same again with lime for the finish coat . I was talking to a couple of lads last week and they only ever use feb externally and no lime . Is that ok to do ...