1. M

    Is my skim coat dry??

    I decided to skim one wall in my bedroom as new electrics were being put in. I've put a before and after picture, my question is why is half the room still dark after 2 weeks? I bonded the chased parts out, PVA'd the entire wall and then used Thistle multi finish once the PVA was tacky. Is there...
  2. A

    How to get old walls ready for paint

    Hello all, thanks for helping me. I have a 4 walled room and ceiling to sort out. Walls had multiple layers of painted wallpaper that has been stripped Ceiling has a painted texture thats likely just paint with a mop finish not actual texture, just blobs of paint. The walls have some white...
  3. L

    How to finish off this stair winder?

    i have a stair winder that was plastered pretty badly, it was sagging and dipping in all the wrong places and just looked a mess. I started out by using easifill to neaten up the part closest to the vertical timber of the bannisters, and then chiselled off the high points, amd filled the dipped...
  4. D

    Best process to fix and plaster this wall

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to fix and plaster this room / wall, pictures attached. I have just purchased a 1960's ex-council property, removed the wallpaper and found that the plaster behind it was blown and needed removing, behind the blown plaster looks like a cement render...
  5. F

    Plastering over silk paint

    Hi all! I have moved into a house and looking to do a spot of decorating. It looks like the previous owner has done some plaster patch repair work to a wall which looks god-awful (As you can see from the image). They have then painted all of the walls in a hideous pink silk. Ideally I would...
  6. G

    Looking for a plasterer in Swindon

    Hi I am looking for a plasterer in Swindon to come and take a look at a property I recently purchased. I had a double story extension done and have gone back to brick throughout the house. We would like the blockwork hard-walled and the new stud walls/ceilings skimmed. Any help would be greatly...
  7. H

    How would I tackle this

    No experience. Just wondering how would you manage the gaps between the plasterboard. See attachments. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Appreciate it.
  8. C

    Plastic or Metal flexi trowel.

    I’m at college doing my nvq for plastering and for college I need an argument for a presentation to do with skim. I’ve been on for two years which is a blink to most of you on here. I just need the argument for why people don’t like plastics and people who do and the same about metal flex’s...
  9. B

    Lime Plaster Skim

    Hi, Hoping someone will be able to help answer a question about lime skimming (pictures attached). I've recently moved into an 1860 solid stone cottage with lime plaster used throughout the internal walls. I intend to stay true to the original specs by using lime on the 'outer' internal walls...
  10. C

    Paint mapping

    Basically I plastered a house a few months back and all the sand and cement walls started mapping the walls where not over troweled all the slabed walls and ceiling came out perfect the painter sprayed the house it was the first time he had used it the wall where trolled well but not over...
  11. Skatersaml

    Skim over internal render??

    Hi All, Totally new here so please bare with me! My bathroom walls are currently tiled. There appears to be a keyed render behind this against the external walls (the bathroom is on an extension). I'll be removing the tiles and am hoping to skim over the render. Is it possible to skim over the...
  12. REFINA s*p*r*lex 3 first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering

    REFINA s*p*r*lex 3 first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering

    REFINA s*p*r*lex three , first go 3rd trowel loving it plastering this ceiling new out of packet and trowelling up well leaving the ceiling smooth and flawle...
  13. B

    Advice Needed - Cowboy Plasterers

    #1 Hi all, I'm having my flat converted from a communal heating system to an independent one, so whilst the upheaval is happening, I thought it would be a good time to redecorate and get the ceiling re-plastered as there were a few previously repaired cracks in the lining paper that bugged me...
  14. B

    Hi - Here for advice

    Hi all, I came across this site, in the hope of getting some valuable advice, regarding a shocking job I've had done. I was a carpenter for 4 years when I finished school, before moving in to IT. I have a good sense for detail and appreciate good quality workmanship. Thanks, Rob
  15. Wayners

    Plastering in this hot weather

    Strange one today. Over board and skim. So hot I thought.. Right.. 1 coat of gardz on board and banged on the multi. Done in one hit and hanging really wet. To wet to be honest as took 2 hours 15 to complete. I never set out to do in one. I normally do board in 2 hits. Plastering is a little odd...
  16. J

    tapered edge used instead of square edge, can it be skimmed?

    Hi, Please would you advise. I am renovating a house and using professionals where necessary, this includes plastering. I have used tapered edge boards because I am yet to make the decision on drywall or skim. If I decide to pay a professional plasterer to skim the taper-edged boards (I have no...
  17. Wayners

    Seal with gardz

    Anyone used zinsser gardz as a sealer prior to skim? Just wondered. It's brilliant as a sealer over 100 year old chalky surfaces and would work great on contract emulsion to prime. Not sure if it's good to skim over through?
  18. M

    Skimming on paint

    Need to skim a couple of walls in a bedroom which has a semi-glossy finish, like a tough resin based emulsion on top of what is probably some fairly old plaster. The way I see it, I could either run over it with a low grit sander or summut to give a key and then PVA and skim while tacky or coat...
  19. P

    Skim ceiling and dryline front room- London SE7

    Hello lads. I’ve had to abandon working on the front room due to having to look after the baby. Ceiling is over boarded with a thin coat on. Walls are sound but need thermaline on the exterior walls - 2 of. I’d like the interior walls skimmed which are in very good nick. Chimney breast needs...
  20. J

    Preparing for the plasterer

    Ive asked a plasterer to come and skim walls this week in my kitchen and bathroom but I'm not sure if the walls are as prepared as they need to be. He's not very advanced with Internet etc so trying to send him pics doesn't work. There are a few holes in the wall from where the electrician...
  21. C

    Bonding between gaps in plasterboard before skim

    Hi all 2 questions around the bonding i had to put on my PB! I dot and dabbed some insulation board onto the external walls in my study-to-be, and ended up with some gaps (both between the ceiling and wall boards and the wall boards themselves). Some small ones about 5mm others quite big about...
  22. J

    Need advice on plastering penetrating damp

    My gable end needs externally rendering to stop penetrating damp, but this can't be done until spring time. In the meantime I need to re-plaster said wall internally due to a blown skim coat. I'd like to stop the penetrating damp coming through the wall until I can render it, how is best to do...
  23. F

    Lots of Questions

    Hey, Thanks for looking. So I've got myself into a bit of a mess with a property I'm developing. We managed to buy a house to develop with my GF and her Dad, but costs are quickly adding up and unfortunately we can't afford all the trades to come and do this stuff for us. Basically, I want...