lime based

  1. M

    Looking for someone to apply lime-based internal solid wall insulation in Sheffield

    Hi All, We're looking to insulate our Victorian sold stone-wall semi in Sheffield. Looking to get the living room/dining room done first and then look to gradually do the rest of the house over time to spread the cost. Ideally we want to try and avoid gypsum/insulated plasterboard systems to...
  2. A

    Hi I’m Anthony!

    Hi I just bought a house in Little Haiti / Miami. I believe it was a smart investment. It’s two units. 3 bed 2 bath each. Solid concrete structure. Terrazzo floors. I’m redesigning and reframing all the guts. Because it was trashed before I got my hands on it!! And I’m doing most of the work...
  3. worthwords

    Surrey Looking for someone to chip off and re-render(?lime) 1930s house

    Surrey, near epsom KT20. Don't think sand and cement is the best option for this house as it was built to be breathable. The rough cast render is falling to pieces after it was painted with impermeable paint and the cavity filled with insulation which has trapped moisture in the masonary. The...
  4. R

    What lime to use in fireplace render.

    Evening all. I have a fireplace that needs rendering before a woodburner goes in. Have been advised to do it in a Lime render. Which lime do I want, hydraulic or hydrated and what’s the best ratio to mix it in? I was going to use cement boards but the inside of the fireplace is too rough and...
  5. Bauwer

    Lime based renovation render Rasolite, repairs of traditionally built properties

    This is to introduce our highly breathable lime based renovation render Rasolite. Rasolite is a high performance breathable one skim coat for buildings with sound, but ageing existing painted or plain facades, including painted renders in need of restoration. It has exceptionally good bonding...