Hi I’m Anthony!


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Hi I just bought a house in Little Haiti / Miami. I believe it was a smart investment. It’s two units. 3 bed 2 bath each. Solid concrete structure. Terrazzo floors. I’m redesigning and reframing all the guts. Because it was trashed before I got my hands on it!! And I’m doing most of the work myself. I really love working with concrete so far, so I hope some of you will shed light on the important details so I can get started on my concrete kitchen and bathrooms. So far I’ve been very nervous to get started because I don’t know if my vision is even possible for a beginner. But I’m not afraid to put in the work. Just need guidance!
Anyway, nice to meet you all. Looking forward to chatting and growing with this community!
(the photo attached is my inspiration for the kitchen)


  • Hi I’m Anthony!
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