K - Rend repair/ patching

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Trevor Philips

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Hi everyone,
I've looked at a few other threads on here about the above subject but I'm looking for a direct response to my problem.

Unfortunately I do not have any pic's but here goes......I went to look at a job. It's quite a new house finished with k Rend (obviously) the customer has had a set of PVC doors fitted, the reveals now need making good with k Rend.

The reveals are very smooth as they used a disc cutter to make the hole for the doors so theres not much of a key.

I thought maybe taking some more off on the front elevation to put a new bead on and k Rend it in but from what I've read, patching k Rend is a pain.

Is there any better suggestions people can give me??

Thanks for reading.


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If it's just the reveals put a stop bead up the edge, cut down straight as poss if not level already and then you have a bead to work to on reveals and either silicone the back edge where it sits on the front elevation or mend rend to match the colour.
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