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  1. O

    Sub-par Plastering?

    I recently had plastering work done in my hallway, landing, and staircase. Additionally, some new boards were required for a stud wall in the hallway. While the finish looked largely acceptable, there are specific areas that are unsatisfactory to me. The images don't capture everything, but for...
  2. S

    Render finish ?

    Hi all guna be patching some render in and just wondered does anyone know how to achieve this finish have looked all over the internet and can't seem to find anything similar it looks to me like a wet mix has just been like flicked on after the floating sponging process thanks fornure advice
  3. 1

    Questions regarding silicon / monocouche external render

    Sorry to start another new thread but I have a few more questions regarding the correction of our poor monocouche finish... its easier for me to set this out neatly at the start! Is expansion Beading needed for Monocouhe (Parex) and Silicone? Or can either be applied without Expansion Bead...
  4. 1

    Is this a good job?

    Ive just had most of my property rendered in a white monocouche but I’m a little disappointed with the result (neighbouring properties don’t look like this) however I know nothing about it! Is this a good job? Professional honest opinions please. Thank you in advance.
  5. Julian Baker

    Seal pink gypsum and NOT paint it

    Hi I'm not a plasterer. I've had my flat replastered and I really like the pink mottled plaster look, reminds me of holidays in Italy, and I want to leave it as it is. But I'm aware that it marks and any grease, even from hands, will blemish it. So it needs sealing, ideally so it can be washed...
  6. C_T_Rice

    Best finishing trowel?

    Alright guys I have recently just damaged my refina plastic trowel so I took the case off and kept it as a midget trowel but I really do believe it works for the final hard trowel so before I buy another one I thought I'd ask if there are any other perhaps better finishing trowels? First post...
  7. Richard poole

    carlite finish

    can anybody tell me why they ever got rid of carlite finis that could deal with hi suction i have never worked it out multi is ok but need pva and from what i remember its hard work you could set easy the next day ??? thanks Richard Poole