Questions regarding silicon / monocouche external render


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Sorry to start another new thread but I have a few more questions regarding the correction of our poor monocouche finish... its easier for me to set this out neatly at the start!

Is expansion Beading needed for Monocouhe (Parex) and Silicone? Or can either be applied without Expansion Bead.

Is there much price difference between Monocouche and Silicone?

The Silicone the plasterer wants to use is by Envirowall. Has anyone heard of them? Are they recommended? Are any other brands recommended?

This specific silicone seems to come in tubs. Is a premixed render really that good to use? I might be wrong but from DIY experience, the vast majority of premade materials seem to be inferior?

Finally is it still ok this time of year to Monocouche a house. What if the temperature dips below 5 degrees over night while it “cures”?

We’d temped by the Silicone and seems quicker and it seems to be the Plasterers preferred material. But we like the stone like finish of Monocouche... I almost feel pressure to accept the silicon finish to get this over and done with.


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These are pictures of job needing correction


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oh my...

1st there seems to be alot of uneven and unscratched areas.

we install alot of silicone and still.are at this time of year...

1st i would be going over with a basecoat and mesh otherwise it is still going to look uneven.
envirowall are a good product and if its what the applicator is used to let him use it.

expansion id say is not needed. unless you have one i the 1st render and can continue that with a 6mm bead.

the colour you should have a choice. but ask for sample of finish before agreeing.

cost.... silicone is more expensive but this isnt your problem as its down to the workmanship


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Envirowall is a good brand. The finish will be similar to the monocouche. The silicone will pick up less dirt and be more colour fast over the years.

The expansion bead will be to break the wall up into manageable areas. You can’t use expansion beads for. Just silicone he will be using a thin coat base coat, probably retrobase.

Don’t worry too much about the cold, even -1 is only a ground frost. Rapid drying causes more failures than the cold. But if it is too cold I doubt very much the renderer will do it anyway. Keep the heating all night if it worries you, the heat loss will stopany frost.

Let him get on with it.


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I can guarantee you that mono has not seen a rule or spatted this is what I was going on about the other day