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    Looking for advice on under bay window wall issue

    Hi all, I’m looking for opinions and advice as to what the issue I am experiencing is and a solution for it. Please see my attached photos; a section of the exterior wall under my bay window has what looks to me a damp patch (particularly worse when it rains, as it is today when these photos...
  2. G

    External render w/ Bauwer light, London

    Hi, I’m looking for someone to do an external rendering job on my house in London with Bauwer Light. I like the idea of some thermal insulation since it’s an old house. If you have experience using Bauwer light and work in London please get in touch. thanks
  3. R

    External Render advice

    Hi all, hoping some could give me some advice please on best solutions to repair my external cracks and re-render the elevation. I’m getting slightly mixed advice from builders on the best approach and am a bit uncertain of which way to go. Some saying to go with a stainless steel mesh which is...
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    Medium v coarse sponge float

    Hi guys.. . My client has asked for a grainy finish to her render... I advised painting with Sandtex after floating up but she insists she just wants to. Use the paint she already has.. I was wondering if I used a coarse sponge float will it bring more. Sand to to top. And appear grainier than...
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    70 sq m Lime render job between Kendal and Penrith and much more

    I'm looking for somebody who can do a lime render on a large house facade between Kendal and Penrith. It's about 70 sq m I think but could be wrong. Looking for someone who has worked on historical buildings, has a good rep on the forum, can take the old cement facade off and put a lime render...
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    K-Rend on garden wall + rear extension in Walthamstow, North east London

    I need my front garden wall, rear ground floor extension and the front of our porch rendered. Photos are attached showing each of these. The front wall will need grey K-rend, the porch & rear wall will need white K-rend. We have most of the materials already (the K-rend and the corner beading)...
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    Questions regarding silicon / monocouche external render

    Sorry to start another new thread but I have a few more questions regarding the correction of our poor monocouche finish... its easier for me to set this out neatly at the start! Is expansion Beading needed for Monocouhe (Parex) and Silicone? Or can either be applied without Expansion Bead...
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    Help- needing to correct poor external monocouche job

    I posted a while back asking is my builders renderers had done a good job on my house.... long story short, they haven’t. It’s awful. So after waiting months my Builder has finally lined someone up the week after next. I have a couple of questions though if someone can help? 1) The guy is...
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    Is this a good job?

    Ive just had most of my property rendered in a white monocouche but I’m a little disappointed with the result (neighbouring properties don’t look like this) however I know nothing about it! Is this a good job? Professional honest opinions please. Thank you in advance.
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    K Rend Product Training

    Have you completed the K Rend Product Training course? Join us at the newly opened K Rend Centre of Excellence specialist training facility in Larne Northern Ireland, a purpose built facility to train those wishing to learn more about K Rend products, to gain the perfect finish. Whether you...