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    Help understand damp on dot and dab area

    Hi All, Hoping some advice or suggestions Walls tanked and injected Plasterboard dot and dabbed Been 10 weeks plus However seeing the following on dot and dab areas and around sockets: Thanks Peter
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    Plasterboard dot and dab issue

    Hi all, just had walls dot and dabbed. long story short, the walls are brick sand limes that suck the life out of anything. The plasterer used a roller and put a one coat of PVA prior to boarding - the wall was bone dry almost straight away after this. Following day, one board sounded...
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    Oil patches in kitchen

    Our kitchen has various patches that seem to be of an oily substance. Our kitchen is quite cold. Any advice on what could be causing it and a quick fix?
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    Hmm how to prep for plastering??

    Alright everyone Joined this forum just now as I look at a lot on here. I've just moved into my 3rd refurb house. Had 2 houses fully skimmed and now it's this ones turn! I like to do everything properly and just find it easier to move in get the heating and electricity sorted and get...
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    9inch solid walls

    Hi all Little bit of advice required. 9 inch solid external facing wall /walls House built in 1935, no evidence of damp or moisture on the brickwork. Obvs as you can see in image the old sand cement render just fell off as I was stripping the old paper. Anything that did stay put quickly...
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    D+D onto solid wall no cavity

    Morning. Live in an 1880s solid brick no cavity. The old plaster was knackered in a few rooms so last year took it back to brick. Had a plasterer over who did dot and dab straight on to the brick, used normal plasterboard, not insulated. I’m not a plasterer so assumed this was the right way...
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    Dot and Dab vs Sand and Cement

    Have a 1930's solid brick concrete floor terrace and have taken the ceilings down and walls back to brick. The wall is a flemish bond solid wall, really dusty and a draft can be felt through some of the gaps in the mortar. Having read up a bit I wanted to sand and cement with a good glug of...
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    I know the best way to fit soundbloc is to float the wall off a wall so there is no contact points with the original wall. However, while I was at college the Guy running the course said you can dot and dab soundbloc by running a continuous run of dab all the way around the board effectively...
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    Dot & Dab 9" solid wall (no cavity insulation)

    People have so many different ways of doing things now, it becomes very confusing on what is actually the best way!!. So i thought id see what different ways you would all deal with the following situation. So the render/plaster in a bathroom is blown and comes away back to the brick. How...
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    Stickers Wanted

    We could do with a hand on a job in Huntingdon. Dot and dabbing, 56 flats, decent rates and decent payment terms. The site has suffered delays and the main contractor is applying pressure for us to try and make up time (as is always the case). The site will be open for most of the Christmas...