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    Artex sucking way too quick

    I plastered a ceiling today (3x4m) over artex( house is around 15 years old)I gave the ceiling 3good coats of pva and put a couple of handfuls of bonding in the first mix as I always do.I got about halfway across and realised it was going off so I got the rest on and with plenty of water on my...
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    bg smells like make good

    I’m in Essex/herts area
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    bg smells like make good

    my bg multi finish smelt exactly like make good multi today,haven't used the make good shite for months so it couldn't have been a lingering odour.has anyone else smelt it?
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    Plaster without bonding agent/pva

    It’s on now so just decorate it and time will tell
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    Foam gun

    I love the stuff,especially when you're expected to fill a black hole that brian cox would be excited to see.
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    DIY rendering help

    is that the new make good multi training video?
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    i find the speed skims are doing more damage than good lately so stopped using them but the plaziflex seems to flatten lovely.
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    Is my house held together with string and fag ash?

    i wouldn't worry,plaster was always grey in the 80s either carlite or syraphite and the scrim was a roll of hessian so all normal things to see on a house of that age.just fill it back in with sand and cement or bonding.
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    i did a job for a woman years ago and as she was a single mum she pleaded with me to drop from £120 down to £100 a day.i took pity and agreed and then i heard her ordering a new bed for £900.never again
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    in my experience just stay well away,as soon as you even start the work they have you and your money,learnt that lesson a long time ago.gut instinct is always the best gauge for these things so if it feels like aggro it probably will be.
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    I've had it for years probably due to walkmans and i pods,i always have something on in the background and most nights i go to sleep with a podcast on so i don't home in on the ringing.nothing will stop it as its a sound that comes from the brain and not the ear.i heard a terrible story of a...
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    Hi all you Experienced Plasterers,

    you could put another couple of coats of pva on the hardwall,its always worked for me.
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    pva for sure,5 mins extra work to save you running about like benny hill to get control again
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    multi problems (tearing/striping)

    Finally made it look good