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    Mediflex hype or not

    Agreed. The flex trowels are just like using a very well worn in steel trowel. The fine flexible edge and the rounded corner. The advantage of a very well worn trowel is that it wears to the user, the disadvantage is that it's like a bereavement when someone drives a forklift over it. It's...
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    Non payers. What do you do?

    Especially if you turn up at their house often! They're hoping you'll just go away. So don't.
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    Bad day in the office!!!

    Snap. Only had 4 small walls in a high hallway and every one went off different and some went off diff top/bottom due to height (no air movement at top). By time one oclock ticked I saw sense and abandoned the idea of getting another set on. Finished early... And...(wtf) patch on one wall...
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    Nice pink finsh

    Maybe you've picked up board finish by mistake?
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    Nice pink finsh

    Looks more like a ceiling to me:oops:
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    Hello. Newbie after advice on running external cornice.

    If you want to go that route, prob best just temp pin the riblath/EMF in place and then drill and red plug some galvanised banding along the length to keep it in place (stainless screws?). Prob overkill though. With 6mm drill and 5mm screws you can use the plug/screw combo as a through-fixing...
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    I`ve got some plaster... could make one really shite museum with exhibits like that!:D
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    WTF is going on n with multi-finish

    Not really noticed multi being that bad meself but... Problem is, after years of making bags thinner and thinner, some t**t at BG has now decided to start glueing the bags together to stop them slipping off pallet. Fine for plastic mastercrete bags, not so clever for paper plaster bags...
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    Skimming on hardy board

    Pboard won't take the heat. Neither will skim. Or anything gypsum based. Need victas stuff. Or just get it tiled. On a side note, you can skim cement board if gritted. Had to do it in a bathroom once where shower area had been cement boarded wider than enclosure. Blended to plasterboard one...
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    Would 1 coat be ok?

    Smooth as. Needed a bit of sponge work. Was quietly relieved considering one wall was gritted. If worst came to worst I could have whisked a small mix up but needed to get away.
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    Asphalt help

    Not 100% sure what the problem is. Is there damp? Or do you not like the radius effect?
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    Egg shaped cracks

    If it sounds solid you should be OK. There are plenty of paints that will cover the cracks. Look for 'high build' masonry paint.
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    £2.50a meter cannot make it pay skim only

    Seriously? Those are the only two things you noticed about him that are shite?:eek:
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    Would 1 coat be ok?

    After all I said about not one coating, I went and 1coated two small walls today. Not really by choice, I was using up some leftover from the ceiling but then spent so long arsing about round the light fittings, smokes etc that the bucket went off. Couldn't be arsed doing another mix. Do as I...
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    Would 1 coat be ok?

    No worries mate. Consider your fears thoroughly validated ;)