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    Utiform Quattro vs m tech m 300

    ryan mi little old chucky egg its very naughty adding comments to my post ... i forgive you ... I do know the wearing faults on the m tec and as this part is connected to the frame and there's not a lot that can be done with it . But after many many years working on actual building sites man...
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    Machine for Lime Plastering

    There's a lot of companies now making bagged lime renders i tested some the other week with a 5mm grain it sprayed lovely through the g4 standard D 63 i was amazed how well it sprayed and so were the company they bought one there and then
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    Utiform Quattro vs m tech m 300

    out of the two i would have the quattro iv had both machines and know the problems m 300 can give you in future wearing parts . so quattro come,s out top from a plasterer and technicians view.
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    we buy it from jacksons builders merchants £6.80 per 25 kg bag
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    EZE 24 or Ritmo EWI

    been doing that for years with the r.i.t.m.o
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    EZE 24 Output

    been doing that for years ryan with the ritmo
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    2008 pft g4 What do you think?

    hi mate yes i remember you now .I knew i hadnt sold it and was woundering how it had all the sticker on it . yes steve did send it to me and had a full service .
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    2008 pft g4 What do you think?

    Sorry that g4 never came from me it has my stickers on it but I never sold it.
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    Where are they?

    I'm here
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    The Ritmo coach bolt

    you cant fit a quick release system with out fitting either a cut out switch or a locking system . the problem with cut out switch they can get dirty and fail so you will have to go with a locking system . if you dont do either of these the machine will fail our european safety certificate...
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    Strato render machine

    if i was you cathal watch this space . from PFT theres another version of our machine which will be cheaper and better in 110 volt
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    Acrylic hose price

    hi steve iv got some 19 mm hose with high pressure geka fittings on you can have them for cost mate
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    110 ritmo

    good for you ryan . i like new machines and one that dont need any add on's what so ever i would really like . maybe you would like to think about that one has a lot of guys will pull you up if needs an had on .
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    110 ritmo

    what another one i thought the ez machine was the best thing since sliced bread mabe not then . pie is loverly you dont know what ya missing . one thing on my mind is ryan who would buy a machine that only pumped 7.5m not me thats for sure .
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    110 ritmo

    Ryan your just reading from a data sheet which tells me you don't really know . Iv seen data sheets that tell you with a three phase pump you need a 20 kva generator .has you know that's not true . So I invite you to come to a Ritmo demonstration 110 volt and we will put to rest your...