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    Anybody Needing new work vans??

    I have hung my trowel up and now working for prestige specialist cars ltd we do guaranteed car or VAN finance from £100pm any enquires please call me on 07815564836 cheers lads
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    weber brick effect

    £30 all in board render and cut features or u can just do the render hes flexible
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    weber brick effect

    wellwarm ltd leicester firm are crying out for renderers good rates for more info call 07581072680
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    Anyone gone next day scrape with weber yet????????

    spray in the afternoon rub up next day with weber have been doing that this time of year for the past 7 years never lost one to frost or severe weather even left one 2 days ??
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    acrylic renderer

    am looking for an experience acrylic render to join me in huthwaite nottinghamshire i sub contract to a leicester firm who has ongoing work around the midlands jim 07581072680
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    Machine plasterers wanted

    i have had 5yrs on a g4 120m2 & 8.50 in germany sign me up!
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    it pulls in to much when your trying to place in the mesh coat... then the rubbing is awful same day.. what we doing wrong?
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    i have used alot of render systems but our gang cant seem to get along with it....
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    K-rend is the worse material in the world FACT!! does anybody actually use this material on a regular basis???:huh:
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    g4 gear box

    scrap it and get a G5
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    g4 water problem

    Hi spen i think you should sack rich i think he is a sabetoure :RpS_thumbup: