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    Parking from hell job

    Ffs mate, pissing down here too but...... I’m inside nice and dry. :coffe: I’d have too get the clemrope out if I was outside :llorando: What you doing hacking off or rendering?
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    Parking from hell job

    Not sure I’ll manage the chippy meal today @imago but cheers for the sarnie :sisi: @Vincey look what you’ll be missing out on :sisi:(y) :p
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    Big fcuker.

    He told me it was ready for plastering. Then when I got here.....just a few bits here and there to sort out first he said, I’ve been job catfished :cry:
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    This time every year....

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    Magnetic plaster

    Ermmm.....:sick: What's with the extra strong mints?
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    Sutton Plasterers

    20 mins away, give my secretary @imago a call in the morning :coffe:
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    Every now and then you get a bit of kit ........

    PMSL :ROFLMAO: I've just literally done this one an hour ago :D Be good for another year or two now :cool: I ain't wasting my precious beer tokens on fcukin buckets for work :risas::birra:
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    This really annoys me

    :ROFLMAO: Sniffing easifill lol :inocente: I do it all the time o_O
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    Some of the adverts are.....

    :ROFLMAO: Ffs @Marshy :LOL: At least he's got Thistle Ply Finish advertised on here :) Don't see much of that about these days.
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    Council charging for waste now!

    But surely you wouldn't put that sort of system indoors?:frenetico: People wouldn't be able to work or breathe or eat in the house? :sick: Probably be better as an outside system, you know like at the bottom of the garden or summat. Out the way :hola:
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    Council charging for waste now!

    Also does a normal waste carriers licence cover you or do you need a special licence for carrying human faeces/excrement/poo poo in a bag in the back of the van ? Plus what about urine/piss/wee wee in a bottle? Just wondered what they'd say if they stopped you.. Like I say,, asking for a friend...
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    Council charging for waste now!

    What do you all do with your human waste? Asking for a friend?
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    Board lifts.

    Yeah I remember, that was funny, their faces lol :ROFLMAO: