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    Site to domestic

    I worked for The Queen :burlas: Well that’s what he said all the blokes called him:bananas:
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    Site to domestic

    WTF @Vincey I never knew hope it all goes well mate. :)(y)
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    School boy error. Never price over phone

    Run mate there’s a fcukin bear in there:frenetico: Heard him at the end :eek:
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    Another Artex question - sorry!

    You need to ask @Casper hes the Artex king he runs Goldcomb Artex training academy in Scotland. :sisi: (y)
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    Hello everyone

    Yeah no worries @Danny.:rolleyes:
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    Hello everyone

    Hi :hola:
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    Sparrowhawk Breakfast
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    Government financial assistance.

    Reading this thread reminds me of........ :LOL:
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    Out of date finish.

    Still got one too, keep it on the van :sisi:
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    Sourcing Multi

    Wonder what professional plasterers did before mega mixers were invented....