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    Nela s*p*r*lex Review

    I recently got the nelsa s*p*r*lex 2 and i must say that my one all the black stciky tape doen the middle is all peeling away ive only had it 3 4 months i need to send it back to plasterers one stop shop to get a new one or something else as these are cheaply
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    New Nela

    I have had a 16 nela s*p*r*lex now for 6 months and it is still leaving lines especially when you cross trowel i think refina are better cause there wider and flatterns better, but we have been using MT FOr 40 odd years they are superb ive seen my walls and compared to someone with using plazi...
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    Nela premium trowels

    Hi I know this is off the subject to nela but has anyone used or tried the marshalltown dura flex trowel seems like there trying to compete now
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    Mixing bucket 75 ltr refin/itools

    Could you please let me know when u have stock as I will 100 % want one thanks
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    Mixing bucket 75 ltr refin/itools

    Are there any more I'd like to buy one
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    The Makita UT1600 1800w Plaster Mixer Review

    I know it's a different mixer but I'm after getting one has anybody had any experience with the orange alfra eibenstock 1800w mixer
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    Refina poor quality for money

    Yh they are very good trowels when not dropped lool but what I've found is that my worn in marshalltown Trowel does that same job and comes out like glass because we all manged perfectly before all these different trowels come on the scene would u agree lol so why do start buying them
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    Refina poor quality for money

    I know it was my fault that's fair enough but it only fell from a bucket height and u all know when your normal trowel marshalltown or whatever it's normally fine or a little sand out but to bend in the corner which then makes it dig severely is bad, and also wanted to get your opinions about...
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    Refina poor quality for money

    I have brought alot of refina products over the last year or 2 and my corner trowels and dabbing trowels have all come apart and also my s*p*r*lex trowel fell off my bucket now the corner is well bent and now usable so I think for the money it's poor quality when compared to MT go on for years
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    recommended tools and equipment

    Hi i have just seen that you sharpen trowels how much would you do 2 for me