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    Help !

    Looks like you have duvets on your wall. Don’t pay the c**t.
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    PVA onto plasterboard before plastering

    how much a valet cost you?
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    Leicester lockdown @britishgypsum

    I saw two pallets in the fareham b and q if that helps 12 o’clock today
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    10mm metal stop beads

    All sorted now cheers
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    National hate service

    Bet you’ve got a buried penis tapit.
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    10mm metal stop beads

    You would know
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    10mm metal stop beads

    For nhs job ICU.
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    10mm metal stop beads

    Anyone got some?
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    Pricing 2400 ft house

    It’s just s**t plasterers who are desperate for work, we are one of the higher earners on site.
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    Durafinish ?

    When your mixing for first coat mix it up in the bucket leave for five minutes then remix it won’t go off as fast.
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    Il have a look cheers.
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    Been on site year but got the basic cscs card. Not a skilled tradesman card.
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    Tell me more.
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    What’s the easiest and cheapest way of getting your Nvq? Can’t you get someone out to site to see you actually plastering and they pass you.
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    I’ve just stuck a handle on a plastic chopping board, my walls are coming out Lully. I can’t keep up with all these trowels coming out so I invented my own