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    Carlite ultra finish

    I can remember using carlite finish over twenty years ago . It dried pink like multi . We used it over larges areas of hard wall because it took ages to set
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    I would tell them it’s an overboard and cove job . Every now and again I get caught out and the dreaded bubbles appear . Before you know it the ceiling is on the floor .
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    Your right the boards are shite . I’ve stopped going to jewsons because they only sell BG boards
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    High suction walls

    They must of f**k*d up . The 10 litre is £51+ vat .
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    High suction walls

    Your welcome.
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    High suction walls

    Try your local PTS city plumbing . They selling 5ltr unibond for £9 . I got last 2 today .
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    High suction walls

    Great tip . I’ve recently stated buying unibond or evostick. Can’t believe the difference well worth the extra cost . Tried explaining it to my mate but he can’t get his head around it . Cheap pva is false economy
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    High suction walls

    Blue grit doesn’t kill suction . Just provides a key for smooth surfaces . Try some sbr in your pva . Works a treat .
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    Fancied a Mcmuffin..

    Same mate , Aldi sell the patties
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    Domestic Query

    As long as you realise I’ll be adding extra onto my labour price to compensate for the loss I usually add onto the price of materials.
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    Wild goose chase with wickes . Stock levels online are unreliable and store staff have already sorted their mates out .
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    F**"""ing how MUCH?!?!?

    One is bro in law , other is a kitchen fitter .
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    F**"""ing how MUCH?!?!?

    Pulling in the favours
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    F**"""ing how MUCH?!?!?

    Mansfield Notts . 2 pallets of finish arriving tomorrow at B&q and MKM
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    F**"""ing how MUCH?!?!?

    Am I only one getting gear . Got 22 bags from b&q yesterday, picking up 40 tomorrow from Travis and getting 26 for free from BG next week . Thought I’d just blow my own trumpet