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    Well done England

    Very pleased for them, they are the best in Europe.
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    2 people on a machine

    3 to make a ritmo work, 2 on a 3 phase machine,that's what we find pays.
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    £650 a cut

    Three of us, I'm the one with the big bollox who prices and funds the fiasco, I don't work as hard as I used to which suites me Sir, we try and make 260 each for rendering in middle England but usually fall short, nice lifestyle though.
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    PRB Superbut

    Late spray, cuts back nice next day even if gone a bit too much, funk waiting around looking at it.
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    What’s best machine

    Mai machines are quality IMO, bit pricey though.
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    Strata mp025

    Might be your start up procedure, as in too much water when you first prime mixing tube, if you put too much water in it impedes powder flow to chamber, try reducing it. I have never used a strata pump but try it and see if it helps with continuity. The above comments don't mean any harm, they...
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    Renderer required for Warwickshire job

    M-Ex Solutions, give me a call in the spring.
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    Hi folks - Paramount Board Question

    Stick another layer of 9.5mm board on top and skim
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    Second gap while spraying

    Sorted now then, elite exteriors here we go! What else could go wrong?
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    Second gap while spraying

    It will cause problems Tramp, the mixing process in the chamber is a delicate part of a mixerpumps operation, the powder introduction would be compromised creating issues. I have been using machines for a long time and have made every f**k up possible.
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    Second gap while spraying

    Just cover the rotor head with water on initial start up, water inlet pipe on the top inlet. When you first put water to pump, open main outlet tap and and fill a bucket to bleed air out of line.
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    Feb 2 in 1 bottle

    Why not Church?
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    Aint got a problem spraying it Vincey, bit messy but on large areas it's fine, it just don't set quick enough. One coat stuff isn't tough enough imo.
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    Anyone know / recommend a decent 360-degree worklight?

    Festool is good but this is better, already had batteries so bought one, best yet.
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    Gentlemen, for some reason beyond my comprehension mixing hardwall through a continuous mixer or mixerpump ( lotus XS or ritmo) means it don't set quick enough on the wall in order to skim it same day and move on the next, it always sets in the mixing chamber which causes issues, have tried...