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    PRB Rendering Materials

    We used weber for a long long time, any product we've used from PRB are comparative quality wise, the machines like it and P1 delivery works for us. Parex seemed too complicated to source colours and quantity from encon, good products though. Weber now do half pallets from minsters but PRB is...
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    3D Concrete Printer - MTec Duo Mix 2000 - WANTED

    You could try a PFT D3-5 R&S, might be a little slower, failing that a ritmo.
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    G5 vs G4

    Parts are still available, keep filters cleans and replace wear parts when needed, but get a good generator to power it, don't skimp and get a 12kva is my advice. ryan does a good 20kva at P1 shop.
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    Parex Render

    Rule of thumb is 50% lighter when dry and cured.
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    Water issue with my Ritmo

    Pleased you have it sorted out Bachi
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    Water issue with my Ritmo

    Solenoid valve in the water manifold isn't closing. PFT Wales or PFT northern will help you.
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    Help !!!

    Wet your hoses through, use tap on machine or tap with pressure, empty them out and a good squirt of squeezy in the end of mortar hose you connect to machine, get mortar as wet as you want want it before attaching spraygun to hose.
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    Help !!!

    I'll get it tested Tom, you may be onto something there, it's years old.
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    Damaged K-Rend

    How did he hit that , what a kerwan! Must of had his shades on.
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    Help !!!

    Got a little ritmo M but the other day it kept tripping fuseboard on a private house which had been updated, spoke to sparky and he said sometimes the RCD in a new board is too sensitive or the wrong rating, using a 3 phase pump is much easier if your putting on over 40 bags I'd say, the ritmo...
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    Help !!!

    Fairy we always use, only playing any type will do or wallpaper paste works too but never bothered with that myself.
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    Help !!!

    Set the machine up with adequate water pressure, most important, take mixing paddle out and disconnect water from mixing chamber and point into bucket, set your air hose up and use the air tap to turn machine on and off. Just get used to adjusting water whilst no powder involved, we always wack...
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    How much you say is fair

    f**k them off apart from the most reliable one and have a happy time going to work.
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    The prb

    I use it, deffo overnight. Nice gear.