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    Best available Sharp Sand?

    I would order from a supplier who makes non hydraulic lime mixes either tubs or 25kg sack(1 ton bulk bag) Is your house listed?
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    new system for bead fixing

    Fuss about nothing !
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    BG also own all the open gypsum mines in this country i believe
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    Expanding business

    I had a couple lads on books for about five years but decided to go back solo.... Best thing i ever did.....less stress but harder work.. Now my son works with me ....good as gold no trouble...
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    Expanding business

    It's a lottery to find the right person ... If they are any good they are alresdy self employed ...
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    Is modern breathable render a scam?

    Mono St astier esp has mostly lime/sand with only small percentage of white cement Agree with your Comments though ...they don't really want to tell you exact proportion cause it's a secret...
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    Urgent advice please

    What was the old surface... Artex ....or old lime ceiling or. Hope not new board??
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    Victorian House Rendered with cement

    He would probably add some hydrated lime ..which will make it more workable rather than add breathability We use bagged renders because we mix/apply by render pump and find the mix more consistent You didn't ask for the cheapest solution and it comes down to what sort of job you want
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    Victorian House Rendered with cement

    You could go with a modern bagged lime render (coloured) This will contain Sand/Lime /Small amount of cement which will aid set and Will also be breathable It's best if you find someone who has used the material before .. Mono St astier or prb belle epoque would be ideal
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    Shortage of plaster

    I suppose you know you were replying to a post from aug last year...
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    Multi Skim Finish by Make Good

    That seems a bargain as There's an ez been for sale on eBay must be 6 months for 3.5k bin
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    Machines for sale

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    2nd render coat not stuck

    The op hasn't been on since August 2019 so he may not read this or reply..... hope he hasn't been waiting for 9 months for help on here ...
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    2nd render coat not stuck

    Think he may have done it by now ....
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    K Rend or Weber