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    NELA Venetian Trowels

    @Plasterers1StopShop Thanks alot pal, a great surprise! And very surprised i was i must admit. Being a fan of pavan trowels i was impressed with the quality design, strong durable feel to them and if the skimming trowels are anything like these bad boys ive defo been missing out. Looking forward...
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    Woman needs the truth!

    @johniosaif Cheers for the shout pal! @Lowry1234 Come back, am i too late? Missed your banter, flirtatious comments, elegant key board bashing and your brunette hair... Can offer a high quality service as always, free advice, no strings attached and you even get @RobJack in the background with...
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    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    Keep up the good work my mate ;)
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    G** secction..2 lets try again!

    U lads give me joke lol i did come across the biggest meanest G** crane driver once, as soon as he opened his mouth and spoke i nearly droped the gear off me handboard! Imagine hulk hogan in a tight vest, fake tan, hard hat and crossed with a voice like graham norton :RpS_lol: ... '' oooohhhhh...
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    Say what you see

    Cant fault a saturday night on the forum lol :RpS_lol:
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    Electric damp courses

    Computer wasnt loading, cheers for the video fella :RpS_thumbup:
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    @Artisan998 got there before me lol, Morning and welcome to you @Jigsaw
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    Electric damp courses

    Depending on the spec i go for tanking systems my self or traditional s/c but didnt like the fact that my under studys were asking a question that i couldnt answear properly lol @carlos whats with the blank screen pal?
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    Electric damp courses

    Came across a electric damp course the other day not seen one in about 8 years lol had to explain to the lads what it was as we drilled and injected around it. That was fun explaining but was just wondering if any1 had any more advice on how they actually work if they do ect cheers...
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    good morning

    Good luck pal
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    The customer is always right?

    @Jurek i hope u didnt give him ur bank account details lol :RpS_laugh:
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    K Rend

    and in krends case use the dust to fill any discreperences lol!
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    K rend jointing

    @Artisan998 ive got the job and my new tool to do it, just waiting on the brickies. Its booked in for the beggining of september pal.
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    about to go self employed

    Good luck mate, one week we could write how happy i am and makeing a fortune and keeping all the lads going and then the next week we could write about.... the dark side lol the mrs, the customers, the head aches and thinkin about work whilst at home when u should be playing with the kids. I...
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    K Rend

    Some times cost is not the issue lads, what happens if a small problem arises and some one comes out to check the spec? if uve not used the correct spec for the matieral given it could cost you in the long run. I always give 2 prices to the customer, the expensive right way to the spec or the...