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    Looking For Work As Labourer/Plasterer

    Hello Again Thank you for the replies; yes think I am just lacking a bit of confidence after being off the trowel for a few years; Oilcans right thou just have to stay positive and this this forum has been a great help. Cheers again
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    Looking For Work As Labourer/Plasterer

    Hello All And Happy New Year Hope someone can help us out; been off the trowel for about 3 years and looking to get back into plastering as a labourer stroke plasterer. Really want to work with an experienced spread who can help me take my plastering to the next level; would rate my work as...
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    Looking For Work As A Labourer Darlington Area/North East

    Hello Mate Sorry not got back to you as soon as you replied to my request; havent checked the site for a while; your probably sorted now but if not my number is 07455679643; if you are sorted thanks anyway for the offer. Best Regards John
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    Looking For Work As A Labourer Darlington Area/North East

    Hello All Looking for work as a labourer around the Darlington / North East area; was plastering regular until I gave it up to go and work as a mechanic in Kuwait 3 years ago; looking for just 6 months work before I return to Kuwait early next year; really want to work with an experienced...
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    rates of pay

    You just will not stay in business charging those prices and if you think you will you your in dream land, you may hang on for awhile but sooner or later you will go under and anyway why bother just sack it and get a job stacking shelves because if you sit down and do your sums i.e. deduct all...
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    Has plastering now become split into different formats

    I still think more spreads who's hearts not really in the game will sack it during this downturn and not ever get back in the game then when things pick up which they will sometime, it will be good news for those that have hung on, hard bits sticking it out thou
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    Mixer Drills / Servicing and Repairs.

    Hello Mate Had a Belle mixer that tried to get repaired wasnt worth it in the end as it just wasnt cost effective, changed the switches/brushes afew times myself but motor went, got 3 years out of it so not too bad
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    VAT and CIS payments

    Hello Mate Never done it that way just invoice them the full amount and they have done the deductions, have worked for some that have not bothered with it and remember they will need your unique tax reference number to deduct the 20%
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    Travis perkins

    Hello Mate Your spot on there, I just dont use them anymore just use B&Q almost everything you need under one roof and much cheaper
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    on a 100 pound day rate?

    Hello Mate If your actually working for him i.e. he has taken you on then £100 is ok but if you are running a business and he is subbing out to you then your kidding yourself, deduct the tax and your business expences then whats left divide that by an average 40 hour week and you would earn...
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    another trowel thread

    Hello Mate Use a 14 by 5 inch Marshaltown for all stages of skimming, tried other brands but just end up back with my Marshaltown
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    Looking for a placement

    Hello Mate Dont under no circumstances give up a job and go into a trade thats on its knees, just have a good read back of the posts that are on this forum
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    Shaver Socket

    Hello Just after bit of advice, just connected up a shaver socket in my bathroom and when plug in electric toothbrush there is a quiet humming noise coming from the socket, noise stops as soon as toothbrush plug pulled out, is this normal, cheers
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    Anyone use quickbooks for quotes and invoices? I have a question

    Hello Mate I just use word for my quotes but save them all so after awhile you have a pre written quote for every job you are likely to get, then all you do is change the name / address and alter the price accordingly and print
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    plaster price

    Yea think B&Q is probaly cheapest place unless anyone knows somewhere else