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    Neck ache

    Stretch it out every day . Read a Pilate book or similar.
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    EML galvs vs SS (rendered dormer cheeks)

    def batons . It’s going to crack any road . Render and timber not compatible in my opinion whatever precautions are taken to counter the inevitable movement . Good luck .
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    Opinion of plastering job, please

    £200 bargain . Buy the decorator breakfast and a bag of easi fill , that should do it .
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    How much work is this?

    I know mate really . I tend to side with the tradesman unless I know the complete in and out of it . I found in my experience tradesman will f**k another over in a flash for whatever reason .
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    How much work is this?

    Pay the man ! Mincing around on here , get to the bank
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    c**t tax should be considered in certain situations. Not always the case , just sometimes .
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    O , then f**k knows .
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    Glue not dry
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    Using Extra Time

    Board it out , give you a chance
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    Who's working who's struggling

    Eye of the tiger rock !
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    Finish on render??

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    Does this look right?

    f**k all wrong with it.
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    Well done sadiq and dick

    Wanks a bit strong!