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    Show me the money.

    This will prevail for awhile as we have a skills shortage. Developers will get around it by de-skilling building operations, for example icf walling - no mortar, one bloke sets out and your gran could build the wall. Tape and joint will replace skimming - easily learnt, less skill. Bathroom...
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    Biggest Boom since the 1940s

    Concrete fence post on 18wks lead time! Even aggregates are in short supply.
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    Biggest Boom since the 1940s

    Materials are gonna be in short supply, deliveries gonna take longer coz of shortage of drivers, packaging shortages are gonna cause hold ups to all trades............mark my words........
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    1st dig a big hole. Line one side with Gabon’s. Buy some steps.
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    RSJ Calculation

    Flitch beam might be easier. Still got to get a calc’ to “prove” it though. Be easier to re-work in the future as well.
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    Is it just me?!

    A bloke asked me once how many bags I had to do a 50m ceiling........eleven says I..........two days later he caught me and called me t**t....said he’d got 6 bags left from that ceiling job.........”so do I”, I said........
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    Speed skim.

    Who is fat max eh? Anyone ever seen him?..........
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    Hi, I really need help!!

    If it is indeed a massive house - it might have another staircase. Seal off the defective 20ft one and simply use the other. Simple.
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    S&C Render Advise

    Paint them pink —-be the first. Neat job, but all the above will happen eventually, blackjack is a must.
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    Determining the dormer render finish

    1st class advice here. Do what @themucky1 said - take all the rest into account. Nice house btw.
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    Awful rendering job - what can be done?

    If the lime render has been “rushed” - hard to do given setting times - then we might suspect that a white cement has been added to speed up setting times. This could be detrimental to the efficacy of the lime render, lead to shrinkage cracks and give the visual effect you display. You might be...
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    Aches & pains This site is also useful
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    Speed skim.

    Using Speed skim is like your first shag, awkward and uncomfortable to begin with but you know you want to persevere.........after a time it becomes like your favourite shag position, the one that really gets you off all the time, every will eventually view a plastering job like...
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    Aches & pains

    I did the rotator cuff one after my osteopath kinda said it is what it is. Went from unable to put my jacket on to absolutely no pain at all coupled with more range of movement. Did hips today.......feeling good!