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    b=q dont want me

    went to b&q today rock and they have put 4 ton of sand where you were parking up.....the miserable f*cks!
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    ladder repair?

    ok i'll stop bein a tight b*stard and get rid of em ....anyone wanna buy a set of ladders?..good nik
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    ladder repair?

    didnt really want to if i can help it, dont use it that often
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    ladder repair?

    does anyone know how to repair an aluminium ladder it has become loose and when climbing up its like a rope ladder?
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    french door security

    get a big dog
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    2 best tips iv picked up from the forum

    the best 1 i read was patching a whole in plasterboard with paper mache????? oh dear...
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    Gorilla tubs

    get all my tubs from asda, there pretty strong ones too
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    Mould on chimney breast

    Ive just been to look at a job and the chimney breast is all mouldy caused by water coming in down the chimney, there getting it capped or whatever needs doing. Right the question I'm getting at is will the brickwork need treating with anything once ive hacked of the plaster to stop the mould...
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    fuel going up

    we'll all be dragging our tools around in a rickshaw soon!
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    1000 color leaflets for £29.50

    found these on ebay 1000 A6 Leaflets/Flyers, Full Colour,1 side 150gsm on eBay (end time 04-Mar-11 14:39:26 GMT) they do all the art work just tell them what you want on them. The proofs looked good i will let you know what the printing is like when a receive them.
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    b=q dont want me

    and then when u go to asda you could do the same.
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    b=q dont want me

    just stay there till they physically move you, then just move to where i was on about, cant do nothin about u being there.
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    b=q dont want me

    i know where u mean,where that trailer advert sign thing is. tell em to f**k off! thats bin there for years and i dont see how your van and sign is any different.
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    WARNING: For those with young kids & bunkbeds

    thats terrible, especially when you think there safe playining in there room.
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    Sweets sweets and more sweets...part two!

    dont all smarties taste the same apart from the orange ones??