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    Renderer wanted Poole/Bournemouth area

    Renderer needed to join a gang of spray renderers. experience needed. a mix of price and daywork. mostly new builds and some refurbs. message me if interested.
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    experienced renderer, Poole/bournemouth

    Looking for an experienced renderer to work in Poole Bournemouth area with a local spray render company. Possible full time. must be self employed , have own transport. Mix of price and daywork. Get in touch if interested.
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    k rend accelerator

    Not used it on Weber, but used it on Parex. And vice versa parex accel on k-rend. They're all the same IMO, do the same job.
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    krend on timber frame

    Mono onto renderboard (only AquaPanel) is no problem. We have done loads. K-rends spec is HPX and mesh, 10mm beads and mono..... done, but always get a spec from the render manufacturer so your covered.
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    I find it slumps a bit. Got to get the consistency right. it doesn't like thickness
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    external render cement board

    Aqual Panel is the best...... right Rich? (the renderers choice)
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    CPI General Purpose Render

    Has anyone used this a lot... any good? Do you need to scratch coat it first or can it be sprayed in one go (two passes)? Does the blockwork grin through if you dont scratch coat it first? Comments appreciated.
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    external render job

    If you're going to rend aid it, I would put some nylon mesh in to that, and then OCR it, its less hassle than getting a cement mixer, a pile of sand, giving it a scratch coat, waiting for it to cure, then giving it a second coat of s+c!
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    Thin coat render

    Whats this stuff? accelerator for top coat? Tell me more!!!!
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    Just a reminder to everyone

    yes its good advice. I had an expensive lesson once and once only!
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    Looking for beginner/improver, Poole, Dorset.

    Looking for someone to join our team at entry level for an expanding spray render & plastering company in Poole, Dorset. Must be able to drive, have some basic tools,and willing to work on a self employed basis. Work is generally local to Poole and Bournemouth. You will be taught how to use a...
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    Parex monorex

    For Sale. 36 bags of Parex Monorex GM Colour - Mouse Grey £150 Can use to dub out, or as a contrast colour ect Pick up from Poole, Dorset E-mail if you're interested, as I'm not always on here Cheers
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    Does anyone think it make a difference which accelerator you use for the various mono renders, e.g k-rend accelerator for parex, or axel3000 for k-rend ect or is it all the same?
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    Many thanks Plasterjfe, PFT Wales, I'll get on the case.. early(er) days here we come!
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    By suction hose you mean, a hose coming off the machine and dropped into a barrel and let the water pump on the machine suck it through?