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    Smallish rendering job in Blackpool needs doing anyone up for it?

    All right lads look out for a bloke called Daniel Clark needs one side of house doing sent him here mate of a mate etc too far for me cheers lads I don't expect he got any clue look after him ta
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Hi mate logged on for the plaster chat didn't really expect em to kick off with "bloody site agents shining a torch down the wall" some things never change
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Iveco daily mk4 euro 5 expensive on genuine parts but you can get aftermarket stuff cheap enough... Currently on an 09 plate 120,000, last one did 365,000 before it dropped a valve...
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    apprenticeship advice

    Best advice you ever gonna get mate... There's always some old "cocksucker" on a job gonna watch you for ten minutes... Gonna go "you wanna tip lad?"... You got 2 options.... You go "f**k off you old cocksucker"..... Or... You go "what you got dad?"... That old c**ts just educated you and saved...
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    Serious Question

    Mesh it mate.. Im interested to know why you dont want to mesh it? Stick a motherfucking shitload of stainless fixings washered up, give it a splatter coat, scratch coat after, knock down from a 3:1 down in succesive coats it will stay on. Yes its not ideal with the silicon based sticky s**t...
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    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Yeh im beginning to think the reason the bricking became popular is because its easier to lose a run out...
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    Patching old plaster with plasterboard

    Dear god... Is it advice you want? That all just sounds like the biggest ever bodge from a bloke who knows very very little about plastering or damp issues and wants confirmation that what he intends to do for a CUSTOMER... Is correct... Its a no from me im afraid...
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    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Yeh they goin 2mm spacer solid bed rapid flexi on cement board will be flat as... Im leaning this way too...
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    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Would make a nice change for me.. Gotta get em bang on though but me battens dead flat and they a good tile...
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    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Yeh tiles gotta be dead flat or looka like a quilt..
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    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Near enough every bathroom ive done in past few years ive either 50/50 bricked or part bricked (cos of the bow in the tiles) Cuatomers got these from wickes... They got a bow but they a quality tile, nice and square.. No borders, just floor to cieling in a wet room.. Whats people's opinions...
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    Awkward pricing

    Cheap that... Why not get her in there to "help" and give her a trowel to play with for ten minutes?
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    Looking for a plasterer

    Yeh im in boro just spotted this, got about 3 months in front though at the minute ill reply to op n see though..
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    Inside of DPM Soaking Wet (Condensation Problem? Fix Needed)

    how do i bookmark a thread? im pissed at the minute cos its been a real hard day but.... lets have a go at this sobeer...