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    Cancer cures !!!!..??

    Cancer is an umbrella term for aggressive cell growth, there will never be a "cure" but slowly they will find ways for the countless types to be halted or slowed down.. Its depressing but it's the truth To the people with the conspiratorial mind-sets, the universe is based on chance and...
  2. Burt Reynolds

    G.A.Y P.L.A.Z.I.F.L.E.X!!!

    MT and Ox life is good
  3. Burt Reynolds

    G.A.Y THEAD 2!!!

    Honestly this has been discussed time and time again? I swear to God people just dont work with LED lights, lay it on too thick and trowel it up too early Stick to MT ss or carbon and use a flexi for the last two trowels at the max
  4. Burt Reynolds

    Refina finatex 2

    Amazon I think someone messed up the price went up to 50 after my one arrived it came with a polished wooden handle And it came from America lol
  5. Burt Reynolds

    Refina finatex 2

    Started to use this Kraft trowel seems very nice still early days but pisses all over the nela premium much better quality steel and for £15 you cant complain
  6. Burt Reynolds

    Refina finatex 2

    Is the new nela spat stiff or just a flexi blade
  7. Burt Reynolds

    Refina finatex 2

    Told you bud you can use them for wetting up and polishing leaves leaves lovely finish Nela made a big mistake giving that design to OX lol way better then the mark 2
  8. Burt Reynolds

    Refina finatex 2

    I own one lol
  9. Burt Reynolds

    Refina finatex 2

    I got one 14 inch my mate gave me it and it's good little trowel I use it on patches it can be used from start to wetting up but the polishing I use a ox flex but tbh the MT for propper sets like a true bloke
  10. Burt Reynolds

    Bent nela

    Do they have any give in them mate or are they like bricks not impressed with the nela ss
  11. Burt Reynolds

    Just bought this cnt!

    Lay on Flatten Wet trowel Dry trowel
  12. Burt Reynolds

    f**k**g BOARD FINISH!!!!!

    Emma stone is Jess the Plasterer?
  13. Burt Reynolds

    Is this guy to be taken seriously?

    Nice one buddy hes a nice lad, he tries to make this mundane s**t job positive lol