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    Book a Virtual 1-2-1 with a British Gypsum Support Manager

    If you have a question on a particular issue, product or job, you can arrange a 15 minute virtual drop-in session with a British Gypsum support manager, reply to this thread to request a session.
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    Morning, All of our plasterboard and plaster plants are consistently operating at over 80% capability. We have further increased our despatches, which are now at more than 350 trade loads per day, being delivered to our usual merchant, distributor and DIY stockist customers. We are truly...
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    British Gypsum COVID-19 update - 22 May 2020

    This week, we have been able to scale up production rapidly. For plasterboard, we are up to approximately 80% of our pre-pandemic capacity. For plaster, we are already at 80% of our pre-pandemic capacity and have been able to significantly increase the volumes being allocated to your usual...
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    If you’re keen to know what we’re doing to support plasterers and tradesmen get back to business – then it’s worth listening to our MD Matt Pullen talk to Fix Radio presenter Clive Holland on yesterday’s show. To listen, just click here
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    Hi there, please find a below our latest announcement and a link for more information: We have now successfully implemented new Safe Operating Procedures enabling the successful re-start of our mining, manufacturing and logistics across the UK. We are now rapidly scaling up our operations...
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    British Gypsum response to questions posted on the Forum

    Thank you to everyone who posted questions for the team at British Gypsum. There have been many questions relating to the availability of plaster and plasterboard from British Gypsum. To help, we have assembled them in a new frequently asked questions page on our website, visit...
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    Afternoon all, we are still receiving questions from you this afternoon and want to deal with them all as fully as we can. We will post the responses on Monday. We really appreciate your patience.
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    ***Q&A this Friday with British Gypsum***

    Hi @mick296 people have been posting their questions, this was the preferred option! So we're just gathering the responses and drafting a reply (as I type this...) We will post this up today. This isn't a one-off - we're happy to keep taking questions. If there is a strong desire for a...
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    ***Q&A this Friday with British Gypsum***

    Morning @Nath80 there was a strong lean towards people posting questions, so we're just in the process of responding and will post them up today. Cheers
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    ***Q&A this Friday with British Gypsum***

    Hi - we've had 7 responses all favouring pre-posted questions in response to the invite for a Q&A session with us this week. As @zombie points out they really big question is - when will stock be available? Can you please drop a note on this thread with any other questions you've got? Thanks
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    Live Q&A with British Gypsum, Friday 1 May

    Can you provide a playlist - @The Apprentice is a right clubber........
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    Live Q&A with British Gypsum, Friday 1 May

    We hope so. We want to be open and upfront with you, but only want to give you the facts as they evolve....
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    @British Gypsum!!!

    Hi - join our Q&A next Friday and we can answer all your questions.
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    Live Q&A with British Gypsum, Friday 1 May

    Hi - understandably you've all got lots of questions and right now we are limited to what we can tell you other than our own production starts next week. But by this time next week we should have lots more useful information to share with you. So how about we host a Q&A next Friday, giving you...
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    @British Gypsum!!!

    Hey @church our production starts again on Monday.