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    What to use to level out bowed wall..hardwall?

    condensation culprit! drying laundry, and steam from cooking, shower much moisture in flat. maybe u could try celotex and a vapour barrier
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    Film industry needs Fibrous Plasterers at Pinewood

    The film industry is so busy and fibrous plasterers are in short supply
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    Moulded Profiles

    No shaving!! all based on photography.
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    Moulded Profiles

    Immortal Mouldings by Fibreform Mouldings and Interiors Ltd, they do it all, they immortalise your Loved Ones and Pets into garden ornaments covings etc... images:-female urn, Norwich Terrier jardiniere, male coving, promote it I'm your man, ££ for all
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    Run cornice in-situ

    Hi Guy's, curiosity is killing this cat, did the poster get the job done or not??? I run a small outfit who are specialist in immortalising profiles of peoples faces, pets into garden urns covington whatever they want, any part of the anatomy can be profiled. etc... so if you could promote this...
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    Fibrous fitters in Cornwall?

    Whats the work, Where in Cornwall, How long?
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    What A "Plasterer" Can Do

    Hi Guys, Just a little insight as to what 'Plasterers' can do. This is the Plasterers forum, not the spread or fibre hand forum, so lets start sharing our individual talents. I am looking for all Plasterers, who have an interest in promoting our skills, to write down their...
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    Level 2 & 3 Fibrous Apprenticeships - October 2015

    Hi Guys, what do you actually teach in connection with fibrous plaster, to achieve NVQ 3.
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    Anyone used Izonil??

    Izonil is great stuff, absolutely waterproof at 17mm thick , used it to produce birdbath.
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    wanted fibreglass and rubber moulds joblot

    Hi Aidy, don't bother with keeping plain moulds, just keep zincs and a sample, thenrun cast when required,
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    How to remove incorrect PVA

    Yes the PVA is incorrect, so give it a good wire brushing, that will break up the PVA then SBR stipple, re render whilst stipple green problem solved. P.s we always get extras following Architects decisions
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    How often to you clean your trowel during a set?

    I use a 7inch piece of industrial black floor squeegee cut 3mm slot width of blade and a slot for rivet span to run through, and actually do swipe it like a credit card clean back and front,did not think it worth selling, couldn't police patent but good luck
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    Bare faced half slipper mould.

    Constantly using it, Fibrous never been so busy
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    Bare faced half slipper mould.

    Achieving Curved Mouldings Hi Stu, hope this helps, would not use terminology that you have, but to develop concentric rule or hidden rule,the running mould is constructed to enable it to run across the plain of a curved surface.a similar technique to running a moulding for a spiral...