Bare faced half slipper mould.

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Hi does anybody know what a "Bare faced half slipper mould" is and what it's used for.

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thanks for your help.
a bit more info: for a test is was asked
the question " a bare faced half slipper mould is used for running"
A: circular/elipical moulding
B: inclined surface dado rail
C: raised panel mould
D: sunken panel mould

hope this helps. i;'m still none the wiser.
Achieving Curved Mouldings

Hi Stu,
hope this helps, would not use terminology that you have, but to develop concentric rule or hidden rule,the running mould is constructed to enable it to run across the plain of a curved surface.a similar technique to running a moulding for a spiral staircase. The setting out is the key to all fibrous plasterwork, so a good knowledge of geometry would give you a sound base.
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