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    Try loose women:tonto:
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    And back to normality

    January ? Don’t talk. Blobbed 4 boards up this morning and thought fuk this. Went home , put rope around neck and jumped off hop up. Pulled the ceiling down . :lol:
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    same as the jaguar engine. Get it remapped:reloco:
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    came in here hoping to see pics of new year buffets.
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    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    legendary. some things you just can’t unsee.
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    Using SBR before skimming

    don’t understand the fascination with blue grit . bostik green is the best stuff in the world. And that’s final. ha
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    Limecrete - Is there any point?

    The purists will fight for it tooth and nail. There’s no real advantage. And you can strengthen it by adding fibres and/or more lime.
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    Ok own up which one of you on here was it?

    fluffy fukin pjs? you’ll not get me going for anything less than black tights boots and a short skirt.
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    These radios

    cracker. mates got one . annoyingly good and annoyingly expensive. makita dab site is better value for money imo.
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    Where is the best price to get a new kitchen?

    benchmarx are tidy enough. not as good quality as howden but not far off. £you should be able to get them eating out your hand with a 10k budget. i’d leave it another month though. closer to xmas they’ll be gagging for it! especially howden . they’re like a pack of bitches running round there...
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    Gods gift to spreads

    lost me at ‘considerably’.
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    Anybody had a letter in post yet

    esa universal credit ctax reduction water reduction jsa child tax credits working tax credits. its all there for them . the payment your on about covers the pubs cafes and retail. if they’re honest with their returns. you have no beef. contradicting yourself. moaner