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    c i s card

    thank you :RpS_biggrin:
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    Grano topping v Weber duro range

    i got some old golf shoes you can borrow
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    c i s card

    monthly? it was only a one off job for him so would i still need a "statement " of some sort.
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    c i s card

    I have just done a little subbing job for a builder and he never mentioned cis cards etc until the end of the job when he asked for my number, i dug the card out as i havent used it for 6 yrs (its a permanent one not the temporary ones). I gave him the number etc and received the cheque this...
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    Tools needed

    There's a few tools on here mate.
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    tidy fish

    maybe if they are ozzies they are just pissed as parrots and dont know what they are doing....and dont care anyway:rolleyes)
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    Sorting someone elses bodge

    No way would I get involved . Unless she was fit and might do a turn
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    hi build

    Cheers but she won't.
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    hi build

    I had a word with the builder and gave him some telephone numbers. My mum has taken a turn for the worse and looks like I will get called off the job next week so I don't want to start and then leave him up the creek . Job could have all been yours matey. How did you get on at the
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    hi build

    In the rendering room sorry
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    hi build

    the texture I need to match is the same as the pics "Help with this please ". thread.
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    hi build

    cheers you little beauty:RpS_biggrin:
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    New Trowel

    mr brown????? was he in pulp fiction or is it the name of some porn king who specializes in anal