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    Pure finish

    How do you mix it :hueco:
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    sto white topcoat

    If you had said handboard full I would have helped
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    Tiger stripes ffs

    Get ya trowel angle flatter. Soon as you get them close your trowel and trowel the opposite way and they come out. Think you should stick to Mono......... On second thoughts have you comteplated Aldi
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    Beat the bookies 2019

    Got nowt to lose I suppose. We've not quite hit a winning formula this season
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    I have some micro cement questions.

    Hes in there like swimwear is wor vincey
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    Beat the bookies 2019

    If we had put my bet on Arsenal would have done us in as well Not Celtic & Rangers like our illustrious leader said :endesacuerdo: :risas:
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    M2 rates.

    Is that + Vat?
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    Beat the bookies 2019

    Arsenal Liverpool man u. Celtic Rangers today? Or too obvious?
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    This really annoys me

    I got sent this the other day it was on Facebook :risas: :risas: :risas:
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    Leave the face opened up or doctor it with wickes
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    Beat the bookies 2019

    Think West ham might piss on wa chips today. Fingers crossed though brothers :maraca:
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    Goes around comes around

    Neil Neil orange peel
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    Which set up

    You get a neater spray with a hopper gun for tyro imo. I only use my swing gun on bigger jobs. Hopper gun for anything under 3 buckets
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    malc saves the day

    I've had this before and just plugged into the cooker socket
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    Gavine Lurpak Smoother

    He's Scottish. It's the norm the same as square sausage