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    longest u been of work

    want the longest u been not plastering
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    Curry trowel ss

    sprayplastering who can show me very interested
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    spray plastering

    we're can i get the skim from ?
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    Frozen shoulder

    this trade is brutal
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    Bubbles in edges of bead, how to fix?

    new builds get build with out care
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    plastering on site

    Bored and having trouble logging in .
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    plastering on site

    been off 3 weeks now going nuts that 250 a meter sounds good now
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    Advice on wall prep

    missing my job at 2
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    Plastering & Boarding - Nottingham & Derby areas

    hi i one man band hi I a one man band but could help u out
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    god it grim on site cold dark depressing and 230 ameter all plastering firms are c**ts
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    best site light for new housing

    dark days ahead on site .send some pics of good lights
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    new homes

    what a bag of s**t they are everything is cheap .doors skirting , window kichens plumbing .painted all white .not one soild thing about them. then a look at a Victorian house and thing omg what a beautiful house everything soild as a rock