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    Middle age and slowing down

    It's a hard life regardless of age - recovery just takes a little longer beyond 40!
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    Like most OCR's they are water sensitive, unless water setting is bang on, the product tends to clag and stick preventing adequate product delivery and ultimately back ups. I have this with both M300 and M200, I spray wetter now to avoid!
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    Axel 3000 should do the trick
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    Tyrolean finish

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    Tyrolean finish

    Parex Parmurex sprays neat and tidy - very fine coverage like 1.5mm Bucket render - sorry about the poor vid/photo quality!
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    Out of date monoquch

    Who's to know?? - M1 barely out of date - used as a dash receiver on XP system and the gear died - Weber failed to contact back once they were made aware - batch tested various pallets -same result -skipped a few pallets
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    External wall insulation

    Parex Maite, AVU 355 ,Mesh EHI Topcoat
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    Out of date monoquch

    Used Weber m1 a week past its use by date...needless to say it all came off!! - the gear suffered a quick death on the wall - once bitten.........!!
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    Skimming done recently

    When you're juggling day to day stuff with a business, its easy to take you're eye off the ball - as long as crap work is picked up sooner rather than later, then it demonstrates that the main man has a bit of pride in his output - I know some firms that would still crack on and try to get away it!
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    Thin coat to 1.5

    Fart around with the speed output and air for best results.'ll know when you have hit the sweet spot !!
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    Thin coat render over existing render and painted brick

    Parinter over paint work - subject to paint and condition!
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    Is Skimming Dying out?

    Let me know when you have the machine Tony, wouldn't mind taking a look!!
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    Rendering Over Painted SOLID Render.

    rendagrip is more for shuttererd concrete and unstable surfaces - dont think they approve it going on paint -though may be wrong
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop - PFT Central - New addition

    Welcome Des - hope to catch up soon!