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Forum Bugs errors etc to be posted in here please

Discussion in 'Forum Bugs - Errors - Suggestions' started by Danny, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. aspotofbother

    aspotofbother Well-Known Member

    Smileys in same sex relationships. The world is just not ready for that s**t yet!!!
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  2. kgreigh

    kgreigh Private Member

  3. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Lol we need more smilies :)
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  4. thebearbeef

    thebearbeef Well-Known Member

    @Danny i deleted tapatalk (to spend less time talking shite on here) and just take a look via safari now. Dunno why but the pages are full of this logo and muddles up. All the buttons are covered as well.
    Been like this over a week for me. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it

    Attached Files:

  5. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    I am just installing safari on my phone...
  6. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    I have just had a look on safari and it is all normal :-\
  7. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    have you cleared the cache?
  8. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Hi ,I can't view recent activity, please help
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  9. Simon85

    Simon85 Active Member

    Sames. Says error don't have permission to view this
  10. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Tbh mate its important I get it back too see what they all saying behind my back
  11. Simon85

    Simon85 Active Member

    Oh you Gettin bitched about again big fella? If u know what forum you were Gettin it in u can go in the long way, or of it was one you've Commented on through the alerts? Best I can think of bud, but as for recent activity, mine hasn't worked since last night.
  12. zolco

    zolco Private Member

    Why don't you just look at new posts?
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  13. gps

    gps Private Member

    That's all I ever do to be honest
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  14. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    How can you see what I'm saying
  15. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    I bet it's that Flynny again
  16. A.plasterer

    A.plasterer Private Member

    You are also in the naughty cupboard :sisi: mines working again:burlas:
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  17. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Is it working now?

    Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  18. Simon85

    Simon85 Active Member

    Mines is now too. Must be off the naughty step now :ROFLMAO:
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  19. Simon85

    Simon85 Active Member

    Yes Danny (y)
  20. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Just checked no one said anything behind our backs mate

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  21. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    OK that's good ;-)

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