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need a fully supplied price for 560m2@75mm fibre screed over ground and first floor of a house I'm plastering
im plastering a friend of the family's massive new build,the plastering not a problem as been doing it for 18+ years
just I don't want to undertake a massive screed
I've emailed big Screeding contractors and they haven't even got back to me!!? I rang cemex so I know the materials are gonna cost just shy of 6k,just need a realistic m2 price including the use of a pump for a week had a labourer only one for £12m2 that's 2 laying and labourer on the pump over 5 days,does this sound about right??
As builder of. Go liquid it'll be in in a day done dusted and finished. Call me if you want to discuss spec 07966651006
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