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Had a phone call today from a customer whos ceiling I had skimmed around 8 months ago.

she said that a crack had appeared so she asked is it guarunteed I said yes if its a fault of my workmanship.

So I popped round there tonight and basically the joist has moved when they fitted the bathroom and to be honest it is a small crack I explained that its due to joist moving and they seemed quite happy and because I was feeling nice I decided to sponge in some caulking and try and lose it.

The other thing my god they can not paint, the ceiling looked aweful they had clearly no idea how to use a roller there was streaks everywhere and misses and to be honest I was embarressed and I knew the problem was in the painter!!



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youve kept the custemer happy mate so i think whenever more work needed you will be first port of call. you went back round there thats got to be customer satisfaction there is a few people out there wouldnt bother. i also have a consionce, selfrespect and a reputation to keep like yourself well done mate its good to see good people out there.

my first answer when i started to read the post i said to myself joist movement as i got further down we were both on the same track ;D

by the way the fourm is comming on well :)
Thank you trowledover

It is all about you guys posting and taking part

Thanks for all contributions

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