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I know work is tight stm! Just wondering if anyone had anything around hertfordshire area, got tools and transport etc!!

Conneelys are looking for spreads on a job in colon dale nw London 2.25 m2 but they stop 10 percent retention 1.5 percent admin fee for doing your money and fortnightly pay
2.25 less tenpercent retention and 1.5 per cent also minus your tax. is this for real.? I am paying my plasterer 120 after tax and I get abused for it ...
Its a liberty in my opinion..considering how much property has risen for one thing and how rents have increased..
I am still learning can do about 2 3 bags a day, after with % they take it won't be great pay! But if it comes to it ill have to give them a ring.. I'm only getting the odd days at the mo!!
What happened loo? Damo gone quiet or have you upset him??

give mark bond a call on the mono. I showed you enough to jump in with someone
They had nothing for me at start December, I've just gone back with them these past 2 weeks, getting busy again. How's your travels? Ran out money yet?
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