with hindsight , what would you change, but still in plastering


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5. see bob dylan/neil young/clapton in concert
I wanted to see the Bob Dylan show last year but unable to purchase a ticket. The London show was held at the Palladium, a poxy little venue that only seat 2200. Sold out first day.


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1.move down to devon/cornwall.
2.stay single, as much as i think the world of mrs. hector.
3.learn how to ride a motorbike, and get a triumph motorbike
4.learn a foreign language and play a guitar
5. see bob dylan/neil young/clapton in concert
6. visit jim morrissons grave in paris
7.visit sturgis motor bike rally in america
8.get a photograph taken with sonny barger, and san francisco chapter of hells angels
9.drink malt whiskey /red wine/real ale for rest of my days
10.help our freinds from the south that its called a Handboard, if neccessary send a missionary
No you want a Jps Norton

Accept no other



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yep,,then set up ur hod stand tie the dog to the mixer and prepare yourself for a ball breaking day,,but its friday paid in pub (no tax) at 1pm right on the piss with my dad and his 2 brothers,,often dragged down portsmouth dog track in me work clothes all night,,i was only 15 ffs
Those really were the days